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Visit Alaska’s Parks

Visit Alaska’s Parks

Alaska has amazing State and National Parks, and some places are only accessible by float plane, which is where we come in handy! We provide access to the following parks and public use cabins/yurts. If you don’t see the perfect cabin or yurt listed below, the Public Lake Cabins website is a great idea source for public use cabins accessible by floatplane. The following public use cabins and yurts are our most popular destinations:

Kachemak Bay State Park:

Kachemak Bay State Park: Hiking, Kayaking and Public Use Cabins are just some highlights of “K-Bay” State Park.We drop off or pick up groups in many lakes including: China Poot/Leisure Lake, Emerald Lake, Halibut Cove, Halibut Cove Lagoon, or Tutka Bay. Public use cabins are a great way to enjoy the park and can be reserved at through the Alaska Department of Natural Resources. There are many cabins and campsites that are available throughout the park.

Halibut Cove Lagoon

Halibut Cove Lagoon has 3 public use cabins for you to choose from. The lagoon is difficult to access by boat because of the rapid tide change; a floatplane is perfect for accessing this remote location. We can land at any time, with out being dependent on the tides. The public use cabins here offer a wide range of activities that will satisfy almost anyone’s outdoor adventure needs. Whether you want to hike, fish, kayak, or paddle board you can do it all here. While staying at the cabins you have full access to the public use hiking trails as well as an 80ft long floating dock. King Salmon fishing is also excellent here in early June. You can reserve the Halibut Cove Lagoon Cabins through The Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation. The price is $275 per plane load each way(up to 750 pounds). The prices exclude the cabin rental fee.

China Poot (Leisure Lake)

The Leisure Lake cabin is one of the coolest places to go camp across the bay. There are campsites on the lake and the public use cabin is top notch with great trails right outside your door. The two most popular trials that can be accessed form the Leisure Lake cabin are The China Poot Lake Trail & The China Poot Peak Trail. Our floatplane will pull right up to the beach just feet away from the cabin. Camp as long as you want, we will come back nad pick you up when you are ready to head back across the bay! You can reserve the China Poot (leisure Lake) public use cabin through The Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation. The price is $275 per plane load each way (up to 750 pounds). The price does not include the cabin rental fee.

Tutka Bay

The Sea Star public use cabin is located in Tutka Bay and there are also a few yurts around the bay. Take along a packable kayak to be able to further explore Tutka Bay. To reserve this cabin please go to  The Division of Parks and Outdoor RecreationContact us for pricing.

 Emerald Lake Multi-Day Trek and Camp

This trip begins with a scenic flight to Emerald Lake located in Kachemak Bay State Park nearby Grewingk Glacier. The connecting trails are the Emerald Lake Loop Trail and The Mallard Bay Trials. You can spend your time hiking to Grewingk Glacier and camp at Emerald Lake or on the Grewingk Flats. Crossing Grewingk Creek by hand-tram is part of the adventure! Between Emerald Lake and the Saddle Trailhead you can customize your trip to include 8 miles or more of hiking, scenery and wildlife. If you are not traveling with all your camping gear, you can rent necessities from Kachemak Outfitters. We will arrange a water taxi pick up at your chosen time with Mako’s water taxi. Contact us for pricing.

Katmai National Park

Katmai National Park: We provide access to Katmai National Park on the remote Alaska Peninsula, whether for scenic flightseeing tours, bear viewing, fly fishing, camping, rafting, climbing, skiing, or hiking. The near edge of Katmai is approximately 90 air miles from Homer, but due to the size of the park, rates for travel vary by destination. Contact us for pricing for a specific back-country location.

The only developed campground in Katmai is at Brooks Camp, which lies between Naknek Lake and Lake Brooks on the Brooks River. To make a campsite reservation, click here: Camping Brooks Camp. Brooks Falls is the world’s most famous and photographed brown bear viewing location. Seat fare access to Brooks in July and September is $650 per person each way. Other times of the year access is available at charter rate.

Lake Clark National Park

Lake Clark National Park: Lake Clark is the least visited National Park in the United States National Park system.Perhaps this is one of the reasons it is such a pristine wilderness. It is a great destination for bear viewing, fly-fishing, camping and hiking. This park encompasses a large area, including many lakes and rivers. Rates for travel vary by destination.

All camping in Lake Clark National Park is back-country; there are no developed campgrounds. For more planning information, please check the Lake Clark National Park Site.

Twin Lakes

Another popular trip is to Dick Proenneke’s Cabin on Twin Lakes, made famous by the documentary film Alone in the Wilderness. Proenneke built his cabin using hand tools in the late 1960s. It has been preserved as an “outdoor museum” and makes for an interesting park visit. Campsites are nearby. (Price for day trip including 2 hours to explore Dick Proenneke’s cabin and the lakes: $550 per person).


Kenai Fjords National Park

Kenai Fjords is just a short flight over the amazing Harding Ice Field from Homer. World-class fishing and kayaking are just a couple of the reasons to put this park on your list of places to visit. There are public use cabins available in the park accessible by floatplane charter. There are no developed campgrounds on the coast of Kenai Fjords National Park  back-country camping is beautiful along the coast, a short half hour flight from Homer.