To make a reservation, please email or text us. We will get your voice mails… eventually.


Text messages will get the quickest response; however, in the summer we might be out of cell coverage for as much as 6-7 hours at a time.

Please let us know:

The kind of flight you are looking for (Bear view, Flight see, Proenneke’s, remote drop-off, transfer to/from a boat, custom photo flight, etc)

Number of people in your party even if you are chartering the entire airplane. We will set up only the seats that we need and have more space/weight for everything else.

Total weights for everyone including anything you will be bringing on the flight:
Please step on a scale, clothed for being outside on the day you are planning on flying with us. Wear a backpack you are likely to have with you when you climb onto the airplane. We need to know what it will be when you step on a scale in our office. It is a sad day when we see a very different number and someone gets left behind.

If you or the person making the reservation for you misrepresents the actual weight including backpacks, clothes, gear, cameras etc. whether intentionally or not and this results in exceeding the capacity of our airplane, you will not be able to fly with us and no refunds will be issued.

Unless you are texting us, please include a cell phone number that will work while you are in Homer (very helpful but not required)

3361 Lampert Loop
Homer, AK 99603

Driving towards the Spit, you will cross Beluga Lake on a causeway – lake on the left, slough & ocean on the right. Then the road curves left; at the end of the curve turn left onto Lambert St. which is a dirt road. About a hundred yards down, turn left onto Lampert Loop, also dirt (but the street sign says Lakeshore dr. which is to the right) – we have a white on red sign with our name on it and a left arrow. As Lampert Loop curves right, there will be a driveway on the left with the red float plane docked at the bottom and our signs at the top of the driveway as well.