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  • Brooks Camp 2017

    Today, June 23, we did the first bear viewing trip of this season at Brooks Camp and Falls in Katmai National Park. While it is still slow with bears showing up for their favorite meal, there were sows with cubs visiting the Falls. Normally sows with cubs stay away from the waterfall – with boars […]

  • Getting the most out of your Brooks Camp visit

    In July, the waterfalls at Brooks River are packed with salmon jumping upstream to get to their spawning grounds. This attracts the crowds – of hungry coastal brown bears! That is great since it is an incredible sight to be seen. However, these sights attract crowds of people. Most of us try to avoid standing […]

  • Bearviewing at Brooks Camp Begins Tomorrow

    Brooks Camp bear viewing for the 2016 season is on! Fish are jumping and the bears are in the falls. The bear camera is live now, so stay tuned to see how many bears are out there each day! Brooks Camp is located at the mouth of the Brooks River on the shore of Naknek […]

  • Homer Newbie Chronicles: Fly-Hike-Boat

    Uran here again reporting on my most recent flight adventure – the Fly-Hike-Boat we offer in conjunction with Mako’s Water Taxi. Our esteemed pilot Jimmy got the trip started off with a quick and beautiful scenic flight over to Leisure Lake (China Poot Lake). He pulled the plane up to the beach at the entrance […]

  • Volcanoes, bears, and a glacier… all in a flightsee!

    Interested in seeing bears but don’t have an entire day to devote to a bear viewing trip? Join us on a volcano and bear viewing tour and see bears from the air! This 1.5 hour flightsee leaves from Beluga Lake in Homer and heads west over the Cook Inlet towards the Mt. Iliamna volcano. You […]

  • Homer Newbie Chronicles: The 1-Hour Flightsee

    Hello all. Uran here. As the newest Steller Air employee and brand-new Homer transplant, I have been given the difficult task of jumping on our flights to get familiar with the area and our offerings. I know. It sounds just awful, doesn’t it? However, I’m a dutiful employee, and it’s part of my training, so […]

  • Take a Scenic Day Trip to Dick Proenneke’s Cabin on Twin Lakes!

    Dick Proenneke was a naturalist who lived alone for 30 years in Twin Lakes, in a log cabin he built himself from resources found on the land.  Proenneke documented every day in journals and video of his life in the wilderness. These recordings eventually aired on PBS in a documentary called Alone in the Wilderness, and […]

  • Volcano and Bear tour anyone??

    Volcano and Bear tour anyone??

    We have been selling the heck out of this trip!  It’s fairly new as we only just began offering it last summer.  A one and a half hour flight see across Cook Inlet that tours Mt. Iliamna and Chinitna Bay.  The flight across Cook Inlet slowly ascends to the 10,000 ft it takes to get […]

  • Flightseeing has gone to the dogs

    A man came into the office today interested in a flightsee.   He asked if he could take his dog along.   Sure.   Then he asked if his dog would like the half hour scenic flight or the hour scenic flight more?   We don’t know his dog, but most dogs like flying for […]

  • Truth, Lies and Floatplanes in Homer, Alaska

    On a floatplane ride, weights are important. We do a weight and balance of the aircraft to make sure that we are in the limits of a gross weight for a safe take off. Because of this, we ask every passenger their weight, or weigh them in the office. We also weigh a lot of […]