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Feb 16

July filling up fast for bear viewing at Brooks Camp!

Reservations for the 2014 season have already started piling in.  It looks like July is going to fill up fast, especially for trips to Brooks camp for bear viewing.  We already have several days completely filled. Be sure to call soon to reserve your spot! Brooks Camp is located at the mouth of the Brooks …

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Aug 25

Take a Scenic Day Trip to Dick Proenneke’s Cabin on Twin Lakes!

Proenneke Cabin on Twin Lakes, Lake Clark National Park Alaska

Dick Proenneke was a naturalist who lived alone for 30 years in Twin Lakes, in a log cabin he built himself from resources found on the land.  Proenneke documented every day in journals and video of his life in the wilderness. These recordings eventually aired on PBS in a documentary called Alone in the Wilderness, and …

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May 09

Brooks Camp in May

We have kicked off a busier May than usual by being the first floatplane air taxi willing to go to Katmai. Lake Hood in Anchorage is still frozen so the only available floatplanes are here on Beluga Lake in Homer. Construction and Katmai National Park projects were just waiting for the lake to open up. …

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Aug 14

Real Life Aerial Real Estate Filming

Reality television is popular in Alaska and Steller Air has played its bit parts. “Buying Alaska” is a Discovery Channel show akin to “House Hunters.” It is a so-called ‘reality’ show about shopping for real estate.   The couple house shopping on this episode were to pretend that the guy was flying his wife and …

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Aug 05

Expensive cow semen

A couple from Nebraska in matching black sweat suits would like to book a charter flight to Chirikof Island to extract semen from a feral cattle herd that has been on the island from the 1940s. They would like to employ a floatplane in Alaska to help diversify their cattle stock in Nebraska. A local …

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Jul 19

A Tightrope Act

Sometimes it’s hard to stay dry as a floatplane pilot. While unloading freight in King Salmon, I fell off the guide wire that runs between the two front floats. It’s a tightrope act anyway, and I was carrying 35 pounds of gear. Luckily, I threw the gear to the dock and only got myself wet. …

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Jul 09

Truth, Lies and Floatplanes in Homer, Alaska

On a floatplane ride, weights are important. We do a weight and balance of the aircraft to make sure that we are in the limits of a gross weight for a safe take off. Because of this, we ask every passenger their weight, or weigh them in the office. We also weigh a lot of …

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Jun 23

Winning the Land Lottery

Every year, the state of Alaska does a land lottery. It’s almost like homesteading, if you win the lottery, you can go out an stake land within pre-determined boundaries. Then, after a certain amount of time, it is yours for the assessed value.   This year, the state lottery includes a bunch of land around …

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Jun 10

Our Little Red Floatplane

We splashed N942SA today. We just call her “Sierra Alpha”, which is how you say the last two letters of her tail number in the phonetic alphabet. A “tail number “is the series of letters and numbers painted on a airplane’s fuselage. It is how an airplane is registered and identified. All the tail numbers …

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Jun 17

Access to Petrof

It seemed that everyone wanted to go to Petrof today. Luckily, the weather cooperated, was crystal blue skies and we could fly right over the Harding Icefield. Snow and peaks as far as you could see, accentuated by glacial blue ice. Petrof is a popular surfing destination when there is swell, and the lake in …

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