Author: StellerAir

  • Flightseeing has gone to the dogs

    A man came into the office today interested in a flightsee.   He asked if he could take his dog along.   Sure.   Then he asked if his dog would like the half hour scenic flight or the hour scenic flight more?   We don’t know his dog, but most dogs like flying for […]

  • Truth, Lies and Floatplanes in Homer, Alaska

    On a floatplane ride, weights are important. We do a weight and balance of the aircraft to make sure that we are in the limits of a gross weight for a safe take off. Because of this, we ask every passenger their weight, or weigh them in the office. We also weigh a lot of […]

  • Winning the Land Lottery

    Every year, the state of Alaska does a land lottery. It’s almost like homesteading, if you win the lottery, you can go out an stake land within pre-determined boundaries. Then, after a certain amount of time, it is yours for the assessed value.   This year, the state lottery includes a bunch of land around […]

  • Access to Petrof

    It seemed that everyone wanted to go to Petrof today. Luckily, the weather cooperated, was crystal blue skies and we could fly right over the Harding Icefield. Snow and peaks as far as you could see, accentuated by glacial blue ice. Petrof is a popular surfing destination when there is swell, and the lake in […]