Friends of Steller Air

Some of our favorite businesses, destinations and things to do:

Water Taxis

Mako’s Water Taxi for access to trailheads and kayaking anywhere in saltwater in Kachemak Bay. If you are not sure where you would like to go in Kachemak Bay, ask for a “ride along”. Grewingk glacier is a favorite destination for a short hike out to a lake with icebergs floating right up to the shore where you can grab a chunk with your hands.

coldwater AK

Alan’s Water Taxi

Ashore Water Taxi

True North Kayak Adventures: Kayak beautiful Kachemak Bay on a day trip from Homer.

Few other businesses

Homer Ocean Charters

Beluga Lake Lodge: Quality accommodation and food overlooking Beluga Lake and the Steller Air float plane docks.

Inlet Charters: A friendly charter service planning fishing trips and all types of adventures for your time in Alaska.

Other ideas on what to do in Homer:

Islands and Ocean Visitor Center (free!) Does not have much of a website but is a great place for a rainy day or just to get ideas on what is out there on the water and around it.

Pratt Museum Has lots of exhibits about historical Homer and surrounding areas. Another good standby for a rainy day

Tide pooling on Bishop’s Beach

This might cost you a shoe so pay attention where you step. The beach offers a safe, solid sandy, rocky and occasionally muddy bottom for looking at sea life stuck waiting on the water to come back. Go an hour or two before low tide if the low will be -1 or lower (once in a great while we get -6′ tides). Plan to be heading away from the water when the tide reaches its lowest in order to not get stuck on a disappearing island, surrounded by water. We use Tide Charts app seems like you can find any location at any time in the future as opposed to other ones we have tried. Do not try this at any place with glacial mud like Turnagain Arm as you can get stuck in that mud and very bad things happen when tide comes back.

Walk the docks at the harbor

Unlike Lower 48 where every harbor and marina has access controlled docks, you can stroll our harbor. We find it interesting to look at commercial fishing boats, figuring out how they get thousands of pounds of fish out of the water and onto their decks. You might catch a commercial fisherman to explain how their boat is set up for this. Keep in mind that in the summer they would be busy working, either gone out to sea or running off to catch some sleep.