Homer Newbie Chronicles: Fly-Hike-Boat

Uran here again reporting on my most recent flight adventure – the Fly-Hike-Boat we offer in conjunction with Mako’s Water Taxi. Our esteemed pilot Jimmy got the trip started off with a quick and beautiful scenic flight over to Leisure Lake (China Poot Lake). He pulled the plane up to the beach at the entrance to the China Poot Trail and helped us all out. From there, we began the hike following the trail signs headed toward the Ranger Station. The trail was freshly groomed, easy to navigate, and filled with breathtaking views. In total, it took us about 3 hours to get to the Ranger Station, and we really took our time along the way to enjoy the scenery and take lots of pictures for sharing with you!

Once we got on our scheduled pickup from Mako’s, we meandered around the lagoon a little and then cruised through the beautiful Halibut Cove community, which is only accessible by boat or plane. From there, we headed over to Gull Island, the local rookery, where as many as 20,000 birds build their nests each year. Finally, we made it back to the Homer Spit! Take a look through my pictures below at all the great things to see, and schedule your Fly-Hike-Boat with us today!

Homer, Alaska, Fly-Hike-Boat
China Poot Lake, Leisure Lake, Katchemak Bay State Park, Fly-Hike-Boat
Two Loon Lake, Fly-Hike-Boat, China Poot Trail, Homer, Alaska
China Poot Peak, Homer, Alaska, Katchemak Bay State Park
Katchemak Bay State Park, Homer, Alaska, Fly-Hike-Boat
Katchemak Bay State Park, Ranger Station, Homer, Alaska, Fly-Hike-Boat, Halibut Cove Lagoon
Halibut Cove Lagoon, Steller's Jay, Katchemak Bay State Park, Homer, Alaska
Mako's Water Taxi, Katchemak Bay State Park, Homer, Alaska, Fly-Hike-Boat
Gull Island, Homer, Alaska, Fly-Hike-Boat
Gull Island, Homer, Alaska, Fly-Hike-Boat