Take a Scenic Day Trip to Dick Proenneke’s Cabin on Twin Lakes!

Dick Proenneke was a naturalist who lived alone for 30 years in Twin Lakes, in a log cabin he built himself from resources found on the land.  Proenneke documented every day in journals and video of his life in the wilderness. These recordings eventually aired on PBS in a documentary called Alone in the Wilderness, and showed the process of building his cabin by hand, fishing, panning for gold and living as one with nature.

Proenneke Cabin on Twin Lakes, Lake Clark National Park Alaska

On this trip, you will step onto the beach of Upper Twin Lakes and see the spectacular view of the surrounding mountains and even enter the cabin to take a look around. Here, you’ll be able to get an up close look at Proenneke’s celebrated wood workmanship and even the desk where he penned his journals, all nestled in a remote corner of Alaska where few ever get to visit.

We spend two hours on the ground at the cabin.