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Jun 10

Our Little Red Floatplane

We splashed N942SA today. We just call her “Sierra Alpha”, which is how you say the last two letters of her tail number in the phonetic alphabet. A “tail number “is the series of letters and numbers painted on a airplane’s fuselage. It is how an airplane is registered and identified. All the tail numbers in the United States begin with an “N”.

But back to Sierra Alpha: She jumped into Beluga Lake today, which puts Steller Air at full strength for the season. Sierra Alpha spent the winter on wheels, where she attracted the attention of Carharrt and starred in one of their TV ads, with our own Mark Munro at the controls.
Our little red floatplane has already caught the eye of another multi-national corporation (we’re not allowed to say who), and you’ll see her in more marketing material besides ours, so keep an eye out.

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