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Jul 29

Chinitna Bay…

Chinitna Bay July 2013

Chinitna Bay

The other day one of our staff go the opportunity to go on the Volcano and Bears scenic flight. She snapped this photo with her phone from the plane. It is now her favorite Summer 2013 picture. The new volcano and bear scenic flight is the best one yet. The bears are clearly visible as the pilot swoops over Chintna Bay, only 500ft off the ground!  The precursor to the bear action is a beautiful scenic flight across the inlet.  Once you arrive to Mt. Iliamna, the volcano, you are blown away by the copious amount of glaciers that are apart of and surrounding the volcano. One glacier has sediment on top of the entire surface, making the whole mass of ice take on an unique red hue. This is with out a doubt worth the time of the trip. Customers have reported seeing 30 plus bears in Chinitna Bay, that along with the volcano and glaciers makes this a spectacular trip.

Chinitna Bay is also home to one of our Bear viewing locations. Bear Mountain Lodge is located right on the beach of Chinitna Bay. This trip allows you to see the bears you view on the volcanos and bears tour from the ground! The professional bear guides take you in vehicles to different locations around the bay to view the bears fishing, clamming, grazing, or sleeping in the sun. Bear Mountain lodge also provides you with lunch during your mid day break. This trip is said to be one of the best in terms of the number of bears you are able to see during your time in the bay.

Jun 21

Visiting Dick Proenneke’s cabin in Twin Lakes

We recently took a couple to visit Dick Proenneke’s cabin in Twin Lakes.  The husband has been a long time fan of Proenneke and his famous documentary and journals. For those of you who aren’t as familiar, Dick Proenneke was a naturalist who lived alone for 30 years in Twin Lakes, Alaska very simply in a log cabin he built himself from resources found on the land.  Proenneke documented everyday in journals and video of his life in the wilderness.  These recordings evenDick Proenneke's cabin in Twin Lakestually aired on PBS in a documentary called Alone in the WIlderness.  An amazing trip that’s not as far as most would think.

Jun 12

Volcano and Bear tour anyone??

We have been selling the heck out of this trip!  It’s fairly new as we only just began offering it last summer.  A one and a half hour flight see across Cook Inlet that tours Mt. Iliamna and Chinitna Bay.  The flight across Cook Inlet slowly ascends Scenic flights with Steller Air in Homer, Alaska.to the 10,000 ft it takes to get to the top of Mt. Iliamna, a glacier covered volcano with constant plume activity.  It then travels to Chinitna Bay to view the bears from the air.  Our flightseers this week have reported seeing 30+ bears along the coast of this bay, feeding and lazing in the sun.  Don’t forget glaciers and waterfalls and mountains…oh my!

All this for only $297 per person… what a deal!

May 22

Bear viewing in Chinitna Bay

Spring has sprung and the bears are here!  It appears that the bears are finally waking up in Chinitna Bay.  The first few signs of life have been spotted there just this week, with bear activity expected to pick up greatly by the end of May.  We have already had several bear viewing requests here in Homer.  This year we are offering a new overnight bear viewing trip to Chinitna Bay in May and June, in addition to our usual bear viewing DAY trips to Chinitna Bay, Crescent Lake in Lake Clark National Park and Brooks Camp in Katmai.  Happy spring!Bear viewing in Chinitna Bay

May 09

Brooks Camp in May

Brooks Camp in MayWe have kicked off a busier May than usual by being the first floatplane air taxi willing to go to Katmai. Lake Hood in Anchorage is still frozen so the only available floatplanes are here on Beluga Lake in Homer. Construction and Katmai National Park projects were just waiting for the lake to open up. We sent Beryl (N77206) on a fact finding mission across Cook Inlet to see if there was enough water to land at Brooks Camp.  We will keep offering charter service to Katmai until the bears come out and we start bear viewing daytrips in July.  Success! Sometimes the early bird gets more than worms.

Aug 26

Which weigh are the bears?

One of the fly fisherman headed out on a day trip today claims to be a former director of the CIA—or another member in this party claimed this. Perhaps this is why his weight must be a state secret. We were told he weighs 220, the scale says 285… that’s a new record at Steller Air!

Bear-Viewing-3-cubsMeanwhile, our bear viewing trip is concerned that bears might not be out because it is raining. Doug assures them that bear viewing is great in all sorts of weather. First of all, the weather is probably different there than it is here. Secondly, bears don’t even have houses to stay inside.

Aug 14

Real Life Aerial Real Estate Filming

Reality television is popular in Alaska and Steller Air has played its bit parts. “Buying Alaska” is a Discovery Channel show akin to “House Hunters.” It is a so-called ‘reality’ show about shopping for real estate.
The couple house shopping on this episode were to pretend that the guy was flying his wife and a realtor around to shop for remote property. Steph, who was actually flying the plane around Kachemak Bay, was to be neither seen nor heard.
We spent 10 hours getting the couple and film crew shots of houses in the Seldovia area.

Aug 05

Expensive cow semen

A couple from Nebraska in matching black sweat suits would like to book a charter flight to Chirikof Island to extract semen from a feral cattle herd that has been on the island from the 1940s. They would like to employ a floatplane in Alaska to help diversify their cattle stock in Nebraska. A local Homer firefighter who is in the Steller Air office offers to go along to man the tranquilizer gun saying that he would be up for hunting anything in Alaska. Nothing has been booked yet, but that would be some expensive cattle semen.

Jul 30

Bear viewing for all…Brooks Camp is for everyone

Brooks-Camp-Bearviewing-wheelchair-accessibleToday Tom flew a family of four into Brooks Camp for a bear-viewing trip—a pretty normal flight for July. The young couple was on their honeymoon, but the twist was that the groom’s parents were along, and both were in wheelchairs. We questioned the logistics of taking two wheelchair bound folks in a floatplane, but Brooks Camp rangers said the trails were accessible, and the passengers had such positive attitudes, we gave it a go. It was the best bear-viewing day of the summer at Brooks Camp, and everyone had a great time. The whole family inspired us with their bravery and enthusiasm for adventure.

Jul 28

Crescent Lake Fishing

Yesterday we got to take some clients over to Crescent Lake. The fishing was awesome and the Kachemak Guide Bureau guides we amazing! There is no doubt that the fish are at Crescent Lake this year. We could see schools and schools swim by as our clients were casting their lines into the water.  The weather was flawless making for the perfect day to be out fishing in the park. Check out our Fly in fishing trip page to see more about the Crescent Lake trip and the other trips we offer through out the year.

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