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Jul 29

Chinitna Bay…

Chinitna Bay July 2013

Chinitna Bay

The other day one of our staff go the opportunity to go on the Volcano and Bears scenic flight. She snapped this photo with her phone from the plane. It is now her favorite Summer 2013 picture. The new volcano and bear scenic flight is the best one yet. The bears are clearly visible as the pilot swoops over Chintna Bay, only 500ft off the ground!  The precursor to the bear action is a beautiful scenic flight across the inlet.  Once you arrive to Mt. Iliamna, the volcano, you are blown away by the copious amount of glaciers that are apart of and surrounding the volcano. One glacier has sediment on top of the entire surface, making the whole mass of ice take on an unique red hue. This is with out a doubt worth the time of the trip. Customers have reported seeing 30 plus bears in Chinitna Bay, that along with the volcano and glaciers makes this a spectacular trip.

Chinitna Bay is also home to one of our Bear viewing locations. Bear Mountain Lodge is located right on the beach of Chinitna Bay. This trip allows you to see the bears you view on the volcanos and bears tour from the ground! The professional bear guides take you in vehicles to different locations around the bay to view the bears fishing, clamming, grazing, or sleeping in the sun. Bear Mountain lodge also provides you with lunch during your mid day break. This trip is said to be one of the best in terms of the number of bears you are able to see during your time in the bay.

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