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May 31

Memorial Day on Katmai Coast

We made our first Katmai Coast trip of the year this Memorial Day weekend and are glad to announce that the bears are waking up slowly but surely. I am less thrilled to admit that after a winter in the garage, my hip-waders have developed a leak. However, when you slip and fall off the float of the aircraft into the Swickshack River and find yourself armpit deep in cold, brackish water trying to fish your cell phone out of your pocket, leaky boots are the least of your problems.

The sun shown on glaciers, volcanoes and bears for our charter drop-off to Katmai. Our clients were experienced wildlife photographers and their families. They wanted some time in Katmai to work on some Springtime footage of wildlife and Alaska scenery for a piece for PBS. The fact that they had done this before was iterated by their gear: with high-tech cameras, solar panels, life rafts and sat phones, these folks were prepared for whatever adventure one of Alaska’s rugged coastlines could throw.

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